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Writing a business plan that fully supports your vision can be an overwhelming task indeed.  Because it is such a critical step involved in project financing, we have gathered a list of online articles that you may find helpful.

How to Guide: Business Plan Building, Section by Section – Inc.com
Even if you have already built your business plan, it is always a good idea to see what experts are recommending.  When it comes to project finance, having a flawless business plan is a key requirement.  Enjoy the reading.   

Top 10 Finance Terms
This is a great, short list of the basic terminology used in the financial world.  We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with these terms.

The 6 Biggest Mistakes in Raising Startup Capital – Entreprenuer.com
The same rules apply to project financing.  If you can avoid these 6 mistakes, you will certainly increase your chances with investors.

How to attract VC Investors – Entpreprenuer.com
We could not agree more with the author’s view of what VC investors really look for in a “fundable” business.  Enjoy the reading.

Asset-Based Loans – How to Guide by Entreprenuer.com
Using your company’s assets (i.e., accounts receivable and inventory) to attain financing.

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