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The Atoll and Tecumseh Energy Services Partnership

Atoll is proud to announce its partnership with Tecumseh Energy Services ("TES") lead by its senior partners Ashish Sarkar and David Perry, two seasoned power project developers with an aggregate Non-IPP and IPP projects successfully developed, implemented and funded in the US in excess of 6000 MW, and globally in excess of 5000 MW.

With combined professional experience of over 70 years, both partners have worked for large companies such as Westinghouse Electric, Gilbert Commonwealth Associates, CMS Energy Corporation, Pacific Corp, Ogden Corporation, Globeleq and Covanta Power International Holdings. They have both held senior positions in these companies with a very successful track record. The Company has professional connections with large multinational Engineering Companies, Equipment Suppliers, Financial Institutions and Private Equity Groups.

Areas of expertise in the power sector include:

  • Renewable Energy Projects (Wind, Solar, Biomass, Geothermal)
  • Hydroelectric Projects
  • Fossil Fuel Power Projects
  • Industrial Projects
  • Ethanol Projects
  • Other Energy Projects
  • Project and Equity Financing

The Atoll-TES partnership is a powerful combination of M&A and structure finance capabilities with power project development and management resources, yielding turnkey solutions to clients in the power sector at large looking to develop, implement, fund and operate their projects.

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