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The Atoll and Commodore Funding Corporation Partnership

Atoll is proud to announce its partnership with Commodore Funding Corporation ("CFC") and its Managing Director, Donald Paynter. Active in both domestic and cross-border markets with expertise encompassing areas such as large ticket leasing, leverage leasing, project financing, and other private market financing functions, CFC provides its clients with broader leasing/asset based resources than most major investment banking firms.

Lead by Donald Paynter with over twenty-five years of leasing experience and eleven years of equipment portfolio management, Commodore's professionals bring a wealth of corporate and investment banking skills and track record to each assignment for valued-added solutions based on strong analytical and structuring capabilities throughout the broader global market. CFC clients are corporate entities, domestic and international banks, leasing, insurance companies and institutional investors. Commodore is also active in specialized advisory services including lease termination, restructuring, residual monetization joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions.

With the many years and depth of experience in large ticket leasing industry and global M&A, CFC and Donald bring to Atoll and its clients yet another valuable and synergistic resource to deliver effective financial solutions to complex financing needs.

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