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Jessica Thompson
Clean Technology Advisor

As Clean Technology Advisor for Atoll Financial Group, Jessica Thompson brings to bear significant financial economic and policy experience with clean technology and energy projects in international markets. For over ten years she has worked in managerial and analytical positions in banking, business consulting, and industry.

Jessica's experience spans the technology, energy, and land use sectors. Her energy sector experience includes wind, solar, biomass, natural gas, and fossil fuels. She has also worked on a range of energy efficiency financing programs, forestry and agriculture projects, and commercial real estate development. Jessica is highly experienced at convening the necessary array of financial, multilateral, government and industry actors to advance project development, and assessing new markets and market risks.

After many years in international energy advisory with a lead business consulting firm, she served for several years as the Climate Fund Specialist for the Vice President of the Private Sector office of the Inter-American Development Bank. Jessica was also President of a software company, which she acquired and restructured, and she presently serves as CEO/CFO of a small green consumer product company. Ms. Thompson has her own advisory firm, which supports international low-carbon investments with project strategy, feasibility studies, partnership formation, market entry, and financing.

With Jessica's wealth of resources in the Emerging Market finance space, Atoll's clients will continue to access extraordinary expertise to deploy their technologies, tap onto new markets and improve their company's global footprint.

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